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Ever since the launching of world renowned sexual drug Viagra has taken place, there are so many other such medications that are literally overflowing the world markets for the real sexy males.The drug is basically prepared for treating the erectile dysfunction in the males intending to enjoy sexual intercourse. Kamagra has been developed and produced by the India pharmaceutical company called Ajantha Pharmaceuticals and is the prescription drug.
The drug is the potent medication for treating the penile erection problems or impotency and is functioning through improving the blood flow to the penis especially during the advanced sexual activities leading to the sexual intercourse. Kamagra is the generic version of the popular forerunner brand Viagra and the reliability and safety of the drug is almost identical as the world leader brand Viagra.
Kamagra is also cost-effective i.e. economical as compared with Viagra. The drug has the active ingredients same as used for Viagra by Pfizer Inc. also the strength of Kamagra is again identical as that of Viagra, which is 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. before opting for the medication, it is suggested to consult your doctor for seeking his advise both for the better results as well as for your health worthiness to take the medication.
There may be certain clues to evaluate why you should take Kamagra, such as: Kamagra is as safe as Viagra, it is comparatively economical due to lesser price, it is as powerful as Viagra and it follows the ditto standards of Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP. Since Kamagra is the generic version of the branded Viagra it does not have to bear any expenses for its marketing, advertisements or any promotional related additional budgets, so the producers pass on the benefits to the customers and thus Kamagra are sold at cheaper rates. Apart from these, the ingredients in both the products are same but the basic difference is in the shape, color, flavor and labeling distinguish the products. Due to low price, Kamagra is used by more people and it extends full satisfactions to them.
Kamagra is intended for boosting up the sexual performance, treating the erectile dysfunction, improving the sexual drive, helps enjoying strengthened and prolonged erection of penis for longer sexual entertainments and enhancing the levels of stamina and energy during the sexual activities. So far the dosing of the drug Kamagra is concerned; the producers recommend it to be taken orally around 45 minutes before entering into the active sexual activities or effecting intercourse. The drug functions excellent with sexual stimulation.

Before opting for Kamagra, ensure that you have thoroughly discussed about your specific health conditions with your physician, like your allergic conditions, the condition of your penis, if you are an anemic, having any sight problems, blood pressure or sugar disorders. If you are an alcoholic or drug addict this medication may prove to be developing some critical conditions to you, hence consult your doctor for this.

Kamagra may cause several most commonly reported side effects such as: headache, diarrhoea, giddiness, upset stomach, flushing and runny nose. However, for any other symptoms, if experienced, should immediately be referred to the physician fro further treatments.

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